Do you have a hat?

Do you have a hat?
Today being an Election Day here in the U.K, we had some discussion with some of the young people (pictured) we work with, the tone of the discussion reminded me of a story my dad told me a while back.
My dad said many years ago a young man came to their home for a hair cut off his brother( my uncle). He said he came out of his room and asked the young man this strange question, do you have a hat ? Of course the young man was puzzled but didn’t really look into why this question was asked. He went ahead and sat down without any mirros to have his hair cut, well let us just say that he was very upset with the results. My dad said to him: this is why I asked : do you have a hat? The man had not had any say in the style he wanted, he had not done his research or seen any evidence that my uncle was able to barber hair . He had completely lost his say and his voice which resulted In a very bad hair cut.
I know we were talking about something as significant as choosing our leaders but this is also so true in our daily lives, in our relationships, friendships, in customer services, we sometimes completely lose our voice by allowing some injustices to go on in our lives.
I have ended up with many bad hairstyles by either keeping quiet or not being able to articulate my request clearly. Sometimes what we ask for and what we are given are completely different, when that happens we can challenge that  decision or action. However if we completely give up our say and let things be done to us , then we might end up needing a hat after we come out of the hairdressers.


these are my sons and and their friends, these boys are very particular about their hair cut.



Anytime I have a really bad cold, I lose my voice( very frustrating) if you mostly talk for a living and have 3 kids. It is challenging if you have no say in that happening but sad when we choose to give our voices up.
Luckily not many of my young people wanted a bad hair cut and are prepared to have a say in what is essentially going to be on their head. There is a popular saying in my country which translates to this’ if you never say anything about what hair cut / style you want, and leave it completely to the barbers to decide you may end up with a bad hair cut’. In all the tension and the uncertainties, let me remind you of the importance of having your say when you have the opportunity.

Now before I book an appointment to do my hair, I do some research, watch videos even, making sure it is right style for my face. I also constantly check in the mirror to ensure it is going well, after all, I am the one to wear that hairdo. Even with all these precaution, it still goes wrong sometimes but at least I can say, I had a say in this mess.

I pray you find your voice and use it.


For your consideration








Author: simplygyaps

Iam a child of God, a wife of 1 man, mum to 4 kids, a go to person, love building relationships. I believe in inside out kind of leaving, what goes on on the inside will eventually show up on the outside.

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