There is a tree in the seed

There is a tree in the seed
I am so blessed to have many trees all around my home back in Ghana, we have mangoes, avocados, oranges and many more, I don’t ever remember when they were planted, all I can remember is enjoying of the fruits from them. Sometime when we visit we all sit down and enjoy the fruits and I sometimes watch my dad carefully gathering the seeds, because those seeds are future trees which will bear more fruits.
When we see people making impacts either through singing, preaching, acting or whatever way they maybe known for, we forget that it all started with an idea. We see the big tree and forget that it was once hidden in a seed.

Sometimes it is hard to see the big tree that is hidden in a small seed, the size and the simplicity of the seed doesn’t look like that big tree in the picture.
One of my favourite bible truths is when a man was waiting for heavy torrential rains and the only evidence of this was a fisted cloud. ( small cloud like the size of a fist)
We have the dream, we can see and taste it, we are excited about it and then we set out to produce it, then it goes somehow slow almost like that fisted cloud.
I am not sure how many of us will expect a tree in the morning after planting a seed the night before? Apart for the artificial Christmas tree which has no roots.:😃

When we have a big dream, a potential explosive idea, it takes time, energy, investment and hard work for it to become a reality. It all sound simple , and romantic on paper, in reality not so easy to deal with, in fact quite challenging. When I forget to see the the potential of my seed to produce a tree I have to remember these truths: Gyaps stay enthusiastic, speak to your cheerleaders, those people who are always there to watch whatever event you star in. They read every post, they
Listen to every sermon, every song, they taste every recipe, they see you when no one else sees you.
Secondly prepare prepare prepare, make preparation as if the rains are upon you, rehearse like you are doing a concert in Wembley even if it is in your local pub. Practice your speech like you are talking to thousands even though your audience may just be your kids.:)
Thirdly celebrate every little stage/ win, when you have 10 views  dance, when you have 1million views dance some more.

i don’t know what idea/ seed you may be holding in your hands now , but I want to remind you that there is a tree in that seed.

for your consideration





Author: simplygyaps

Iam a child of God, a wife of 1 man, mum to 4 kids, a go to person, love building relationships. I believe in inside out kind of leaving, what goes on on the inside will eventually show up on the outside.

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