Different shades of self

20170614_193025Different shades of self
Sometimes in the quietness or should I say busyness of my mind, I wonder how many people are truly completely themselves with others? You see it sounds noble to say to people you have to be your self or give the impression that we are completely ourselves, it sounds just right.
I guess for society to function properly there has to be some conforming, adaptation, toning or towing whatever word you would like to call it. if I spoke my mind completely, behaved completely like my true self, gave what I will call ‘my honest opinion’ all the time, I think even my near and dear may not stick around.( don’t judge me)
I guess the point Iam trying to make is that sometimes we show people a different shade of our personality due to the different levels of relationships. However when we struggle to be honest with ourselves even in the privacy of our thoughts, then there is a problem. Shakespeare word in hamlet ‘to thine own self be true’ sounds so biblical. A friend of mine always says some people need to introduce themselves to themselves. When the shades begin to blur over each other to the point where we cant tell which is the original, then there is a huge problem.
The flip side is when we tone down our sparkle, our colour, dreams, potential just to conform to society’s stereotype of us. The statistics don’t make room for our type’ due to maybe our postcode, our titles, gender, race, country of birth etc etc. It is ok for someone to have their limited view of me but it so not ok for me to go down a shade or two to fit into that view.
I guess the frustration thing is that sometimes we become so many shades that we lose count and forget which one is the original, like my picture above. I guess some of us have one too many of shades. Especially in environment where it seems it is not ok to want something more, people get offended that you are not happy with the status quo, you want more out of life.
One by one you let go of your dreams, you drop down in your passion, enthusiasm, gradually you become like a sketch of yourself. It’s easier, it is safe, it is acceptable, it is normal.

Some of us will have to go  back to the basics, yeah it is uncomfortable, it is lonely, it is scary even , but I will rather bea good original of me than the best version of someone’s sketch. We need to explore why we see things so differently.
I was trying so hard not to use this example but in the spirit of being true to myself I will😀. I love kunfu panda( yes I do) a panda(po)  that was brought up by a goose, he knew he was different, he knew he had the capacity to well’ eat more’, for him to become the great gifted chosen one, he had to go back to panda land to find himself. Well I don’t know what you need to find  or where you need to be, but I pray this inspires you to find yourself again, sparkle one more time, pursue your dreams and to thine own self be true’.
For your consideration



Author: simplygyaps

Iam a child of God, a wife of 1 man, mum to 4 kids, a go to person, love building relationships. I believe in inside out kind of leaving, what goes on on the inside will eventually show up on the outside.

22 thoughts on “Different shades of self”

  1. Very insightful and thought provoking sis

    To thy own self be true
    I believe that we have to be intentional about being true to ourselves. Maybe if we start thinking that we owe it to ourselves to be truthful then it will be easier to do so.


  2. It’s really deep. I hope everyone finds their own Panda Land. They key, as you said, is to stay true to yourself. Everyone does some kind of conforming from time to time, but the second you start jeopardizing your own principles to do so, it’s time to step back and stay true to yourself. It’s the only way to stay sane in this world. Great post.

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  3. This is so good, Gyaps. Very well written too. Bless you! It is such a dangerous thing to try to become a shade we are not, just because someone thinks our light is too bright. It becomes a matter of stepping into what a God wants vs. What man wants. We must choose to go with God’s version of us even if it means we loose some relationships along the way and risk being unpopular. May the Lord help us to be true to ourselves! For me it is something I strive for each day, because I do not seem to fit into many people’s status quo. And that is ok. Jesus did not either. (:


  4. Beautifully written and I love your pictures. I know you have always been shady😂😂 love your blog. I just discovered it and I am addicted. God bless you.

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