My shorts seemed like trousers (standards)

What a strange title I hear you say, but there is a story behind this which my friend Josie knows too well. Many years ago my cousin invited me to go to a club ( disco) with him, this conversation took place before we went, I am not even sure he remembers but I never forgot it. I decided to wear shorts that evening, well it was quite a long pair of shorts, my cousin looked at me and said ‘ by the time we get to the club this shorts would become trousers’ what he meant was due to how short( hot pants) the other girls shorts will be, in comparison mine would look like trousers. 🙂
This post is looking at standard by which we measure behaviour, attitudes  and success even. You see in a place where there is abundance of immorality, even bad begins to look good in comparison. When everyone around you is not in employment even a low paid job becomes a dream and the standard to beat.
In total darkness a simple match appears very bright but put it in amidst of light bulbs and it doesn’t shine that bright anymore. Different strengths, different variable, different opportunities usually means that the field of play is uneven for comparison.
My shorts only seemed longer because it was being compared to even shorter shorts.

I am all for aspiration which I believe comes with exposure but being inspired to aspire doesn’t mean that a particle scenario or person now becomes the universal standard of operation. Equally if we see ourselves through lower standards we may appear perfect in our own eyes and become complacent. For example I cannot suddenly become ok with stealing from the shops as compared to stealing from individual, yep I have heard that one before.
So what am I saying? I think if we need to use any standards, it has to encompass what we believe we were created to be, the opportunities that are available to us, our abilities, our resources etc etc. In that  way, we will always strive to become better versions of ourselves and not somebody else. We will encourage the next generation to aspire for better communities, whether that be in showing respect to themselves ( their bodies) adults, taking pride in their surroundings, looking after their physical health and believing that they are able to get more out of life.
In life when we use too high a standard to compare ourselves we become critical, likewise if we use too low a standard we become complacent or even conceited.
Let me finish by telling you a biblical story, so an investor called 3 people , he gave one person 1 opportunity, he gave another 2 opportunities and then the third person 5 opportunities. He then went away for a long time, he then came back to check on his investment. He returned to find that whilst the other 2 had evidence of progress with their opportunities, the guy that had 1 opportunity had simply not used it at all, he  had forgotten that they had different fields to play on and therefore different results were expected, he had compared himself to the guy with 5 opportunities and has come up short, he has become critical and frozen, he has wasted his one opportunity.
There is a lane for me, and that should be where my concentration would be, trying to achieve the highest standard in that field. Concentrate and complement rather that compare and criticise.
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Author: simplygyaps

Iam a child of God, a wife of 1 man, mum to 4 kids, a go to person, love building relationships. I believe in inside out kind of leaving, what goes on on the inside will eventually show up on the outside.

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