Perfectly prepared table

Prepared order

What I will define as  a perfectly set table might look completely different for yours, mine would have to have a few spicy dishes on the table and my friend Josie will definitely need a few selection of cakes. In the same way success to me might look nothing to some one else’s definition of success. Our preferences, dreams, idea, resources  will have something to say about our perfect situation. I use the word perfect cautiously and not in absolute terms. My dream Job maybe your worse nightmare but the common factor in all our dreams though is  the waiting period . Some longer than others, depending  on variety of  factors including resources available, how ambitious the dream is and our own personal abilities.

the waiting period

Have you ever waited so long for your order to be ready at a restaurant that you had to leave ?I remember once ordering steak with the option of having it very well done. it took forever 😊 It even looked like the people on the  table next to me who gave their order after me still got served before me. Suffice it to say that when our order was finally complete and delivered it, it was worth the wait. The thing  is the guy on the next table may have just ordered an omelette, of course he will definitely get served quicker but might go hungry again by the time my steak is delivered. 😃 Sometimes in life it seems to us that everyone is getting their due before us. Their ministry seems to  be growing quicker, that other family seems to be doing better quicker even when it seems you try harder. My restaurant experience taught me that, my waiting time could be dependant on what is on my order.



It almost as if you get the  starter , then it takes forever for the main meal to be delivered. What do you do when the initial buzz has died down and it looks like you are waiting  along time for something great to happen? Waiting for that  job, business, ministry, relationship etc to take off could be hard going, the enthusiasm that got it all started might have slowed right down and it could seem that we are waiting a life time to be served. You see there are some things we have control of and there are others that we just have to wait for the the one preparing to get on with it.

Well I will tell you what we did whilst waiting for our main meal, we had a laugh, we enjoyed each other’s company, we spoke about the future, we laughed about some past mistakes, we looked forward to our main meal coming in . When we just sit around for that growth, that increase, that promotion, we might  get tired and give up, but if we are active in our waiting, we take time to celebrate with others, we enjoy our family and the people in our lives , when we are grateful for what we have had already,  (starter) and look forward to what we are about to have, (main meal) then we can rejoice even in our waiting. After all  deserts are usually the cherry on the whole experience. So the table may not be perfect but the preparation would have been perfectly planned.

For your consideration.





Author: simplygyaps

Iam a child of God, a wife of 1 man, mum to 4 kids, a go to person, love building relationships. I believe in inside out kind of leaving, what goes on on the inside will eventually show up on the outside.

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