Beyond my imperfect


Beyond my imperfect

I walked along side my young friend, he had a shabby appearance, his stutter made it hard for him to explain himself, he is a loner, an outsider, he was perceived with suspicion ,he didn’t quite fit the stereotype. He began to tell me his dreams, he wanted to work in a kitchen, he had a dream of making some wonderful dishes , if only people could see beyond his external  limitations. If only he had the right words to describe his passion, his gifting felt trapped inside him, I watched him as he spoke about these dreams, then he goes sad because he can’t see how employers could see beyond his imperfect.

The few times I have been to the gym( I can count them on one hand), I have loved to use the treadmill, (don’t ask why) the first time was awkward, felt like I was definately going to fall down. The second time  was much better, I learnt to push through and looked beyond my seemingly fear of fitness and touched something within me, almost as if beyond my external tired self.


Our dreams and ideas can sometimes not make sense to people around us, the statistic may not be on our favour, all the external limitations may make us so not right for the job, but as long as we can push thought the mud and see beyond our imperfect, the world will catch up with us.

I learnt a valuable lesson though, the threat from society, the assumptions from the people in power, cannot override the dream within, it might delay it, it might frustrate it but as long as we can see beyond our own limitation and push through, that dream would be realised. Sometimes the body is frail but when the spirit is strong, one can survive  another round of hardships.

Thankfully my young friend met an employer who was willing to see beyond his imperfect and was willing to invest in this young person.
The outside is influential but the inside has the power to sustain our dreams, after all our beauty is from the real us which is way beyond our imperfect.

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Author: simplygyaps

Iam a child of God, a wife of 1 man, mum to 4 kids, a go to person, love building relationships. I believe in inside out kind of leaving, what goes on on the inside will eventually show up on the outside.

14 thoughts on “Beyond my imperfect”

  1. Challenges me to see beyond the external. I was reading the verse in James;2 this week about how God chooses those not regarded highly by the world and gives them the Kingdom. Thanks

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