Calculated risk

Calculated risk
As I sat watching athletics with my kids, I learnt some interesting lessons that I want to share with you. It was a 3000 metres race, a seven and half laps around the field, however this girl was running like a sprint, true story after a lap or 2 around the field she quit the race. Then there was the other girl who stayed so behind that she never caught up with the group , she came last.
What did I learn about both girls, they both had a problem with balance, one took too much risk and the other took too little risk.
In pursuing our dreams and ideas we need to take some risks, how much risk though depends on our circumstances and the calculations we have made prior. If we take no risk we will rot in that situation we are dreaming of leaving, if we take too much risk we might end up quitting the race altogether, our family and friends might get sacrificed in the process.

There were a cluster of girls that run together, they had the previous winner in the midst, others run with the aim to overtake her and others just wanted to follow in her steps so they can still finish in a respectful position.
After 3000 metres running,  amidst cheers and fears, the results were announced with very few surprises, the sprint runner had a (d) by her name whilst the one who stayed at the back was last.
Lessons for me ( maybe you as well)
know my race: of course I can’t run a marathon like a sprint, neither can I run a sprint like a marathon. The nature of the idea/ dream will determine the how to the pace,  some may take longer behind the scenes  prep before  seeing  the outdoors.
Calculate my cost: there is always a cost involved, it might  be monetary, it might be time, it might relationship, I need to calculate the cost to the risk involved, too much risk might hurt my near and dear and no risk at all might hurt me and my dream.
When pursuing your dreams, sacrifices are required and this comes with risk, how  big though, is determined by the calculation we make and what or who we are willing to sacrifice.

The wisest man that ever lived writes in proverbs that before you build your house, prepare your land, calculate the cost, make preparation, so you can balance the cost out or at least try. Do you need to cut down your hours instead of quitting outright? You may need to save some more before you embark on that journey.

Thirdly,  not do it alone, I need to find those who have done it before and walk in their footsteps.  I also need people around me to spur me on and sometimes to challenge me to stay the course.

Are you chasing a dream of your own? I am a big believer in pursuing our  dreams, we cheer you on but we say take a calculated risk.

For your consideration


Author: simplygyaps

Iam a child of God, a wife of 1 man, mum to 4 kids, a go to person, love building relationships. I believe in inside out kind of leaving, what goes on on the inside will eventually show up on the outside.

9 thoughts on “Calculated risk”

  1. I always get very worried when I am ‘surprised’ by events. Reason is, I always try to have far-sighted view of things, identify what can go wrong and what can be my plan B. There must be a strategy to almost all things so you can ‘balance the risks’. Stephen Covey puts it as ‘ Begin with the end in mind’. Calculating and balancing risk, though is not a substitute to prayer and believing in God, is man’s best known approach to succeeding in almost everything.

    Brilliant piece Gyaps.

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  2. Run my race thanks dear there are a million and one reason why you might run someone’s race but at end of the day there is one with my name on it’s I might as well persue it will all diligence- calculationing the risk.

    You are on point sis keep up the good work

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