Mirror mirror

IMG_5083What happens between childhood imaginations to becoming too realistic and wise up to the point of losing our ability to dream? This week I have had the opportunity to pause and reflect on a few things and realised that I have become almost too realistic to dream. My thoughts as I pause long enough to look in the mirror.
At the pool side seeing how free the children are, the ability to lose their inhibition, the frolicking in the sand, the sheer joy of being free ,made me ponder over life in the adult world.
Could we become too wise up to dream? Is my reality now an an enemy to my imagination? Sight the enemy of faith? Have I stopped waiting to exhale? When I have the opportunity to ask big, what would I ask for?
There was a recurring dream I use to have a few years ago, somehow I realised in my business of life, I don’t have this dream anymore, I am too busy surviving in the real world. Oh how I wish I could go into my place of imagination, where I dream of big things happening around me and through me! Where I dream of being a life changer and causing change around me. Where I use my influence to cause people to think beyond their imperfect, encouraging them to create seats out of whatever is available to them.

Taking a break in sunny Spain has almost reminded me of my childhood in Ghana, where I was not afraid to dream and imagine. In the absence of credit cards and loans, I could only imagine and dream with no pressure to physically achieve these things.
I am very grateful for where I live now but sometimes the man made opportunities around us can actually hinder us to tap into our natural abilities. We plan to borrow to get that house rather than imagine and believe for better, we consult the experts rather than using our relationships around us.

Oh how I wish I could dream again, how I wish I could just imagine that beautiful place of possibilities, watching my kids swim, bury each other in the sand, make me wanna lose my sensible self and run wild.
Then I think of the reality of going back to work, doing the school runs, taking care of the home, then I sigh deeply. But maybe it’s not all gloomy in my real world, maybe it doesn’t have to be so all the time and maybe the reason why I am appreciating this time is because of my real world with all it chaos.

Indeed all work and no play makes me grumpy and narrow minded, it robs me of the ability to sit and stare, but can you also imagine if sit and stare is all I ever did?
My reflections on this trip therefore brings me to this resolution, I have to bring my dream world into my real world somehow. After all I don’t need to get on the plane to be able to imagine.

If you are reading this, my advice is to lose your inhibition now and again, and don’t become too grown up so as to stop dreaming.
For your consideration


Author: simplygyaps

Iam a child of God, a wife of 1 man, mum to 4 kids, a go to person, love building relationships. I believe in inside out kind of leaving, what goes on on the inside will eventually show up on the outside.

15 thoughts on “Mirror mirror”

  1. My beautiful Gyaps this is soo spot on. I live for the moments i can take myself away and dream. In these past 12 months doing this has probably kept me afloat. Xx

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  2. If your dreams were to cause change and influence others, let it be known that you do that every single day in your real world. As stressful and chaotic as it is. Hope you enjoyed your holiday. Those photos are beautiful. Lots of love xx

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