A procession


Look at my cute nephews, they were recently page boys for a couple and by virtue of their role they led the bridal procession. Page boys are normally trusted with wedding bands and walk down the aisle ahead of the ushers. I believe it went alright as I haven’t heard otherwise, but have you ever heard or even witnessed a page boy run off to speak to his friend or even chase someone whilst the ceremony is still in progress? I believe it happens but would it not be very surprising if my young nephews decided to chase someone in the hall and the bride followed them? The page boy although leading the procession is not the main player in the ceremony, they were simply starring in some one’s dream.

The couple would have been in rehearsal, would have surveyed and seen other couples walked that same way before and would therefore been able to tell when someone is taking a detour.
Now that we all agree that the bride will not follow the page boy blindly even if they are as cute as my twin nephews, let us look at what we do when pursuing our dreams .

We get the big idea, the dream, the leading , call it whatever, and like a bridal procession, there are people in the line to play different roles but the bride is usually the main player, well maybe the mother and a few other leading women, depending on the family dynamics. You have the dream, you are the one trusted with that big idea and others may be there to help you pursue it.

Likewise people in and around your life, may be walking in front of you or by you  by virtues of their roles  but that doesn’t  necessarily make them the main dictators in your God given dreams. Like the bridal procession, the flower girl/ page boy physically walk in front of the bride but does not provide the guidance for her big day.  The issue is when you give the page boy too much power, he wouldn’t know what to do with it, your dream is unique to you and the moment you allow the opinion of others to change what is deep in your heart, you may end up out of line in your own bridal procession.

Page boys come in many forms, older siblings, more successful friends, bosses, funders, opinion leaders etc. The thing is by one reason or the other, they seem to be in your line of procession but let me assure you that, you are still the main carrier of that dream, after all our hearts beat differently.
Do not allow narrow minded people with small dreams talk you out of your big ideas. My nephews will have a lot of growing up to do before they can be the main players in their own big day. They operate at the level of 8 yr olds and therefore couldn’t have set the stage for someone else big dream.

It is easy for us to see them when they are young but the problem is when the page boy situation is in big people. Suddenly we begin to give them our whole attention, we begin to rearrange our plans to suit their outlook, we begin to start believing their half truths and their opinion rather than what we truly deeply hope for. We fall out of line in our own wedding procession and become bystanders cheering others on.

I once knew a manager who will get his whole team in an office and tell them that they embarrass him, he will tell them off to the point of crying. He definitely was a page boy and by virtue of that was seemingly leading a group, how ever he wasn’t fit to give instructions for someone else’s dreams. The truth is, page boys/ girls can easily be replaced and that was just what happened to that big page boy manager .πŸ˜€

Any time we want to get to a destination, we need some directions and we plan our route, we usually start from Where we are.  We need to assess our selves and see if we have given too much power to some people in our lives who are abusing it. We need to know our desired destination and then work out a route or 2 that will get us there. We may need a few rehearsals and study other people that have gone that way, then when we start our own journey we will be so sure of the way we are heading, that we will not be easily side tracked when the page boy/ girl takes a detour. After all how many brides will leave their big day entirely in the hands of the page boy?

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Author: simplygyaps

Iam a child of God, a wife of 1 man, mum to 4 kids, a go to person, love building relationships. I believe in inside out kind of leaving, what goes on on the inside will eventually show up on the outside.

6 thoughts on “A procession”

  1. This article has just described my life. I have no idea how you do it Gyaps but I simply applaud you for this inspirational piece. May God keep using you in spreading this wisdom. Thank you…..


  2. Great piece Gyaps. Its amazing how you are able to link the things we see and do everyday to reflect things we experience in our life’s journey. Kudos. God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

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