Beautiful mind

The images featured today bring me some warmth, they may not do it for you but you can find your own. The first half reminds me of one of my favourite childhood programmes. called ‘by the fire side’, my friends from Ghana may remember this as well.
This week I spent sometime with my friend and her family, she has 4 lovely kids and one in particular loves order and routines. In fact she gets frustrated if people don’t use the right bin for the right rubbish, we rolled our eyes whenever she complained but it made me ponder on order in our minds.

I remember when my neighbour travelled and allowed his teen son to have a party, of course it went over the scheduled time and out of hand, the noise kept us awake all night and I was just praying for the light of day. Well I drifted off for a few hours and there was the day light which saw him tidying up the neighbourhood.
So I thought that party was noisy and kept me awake but what do you do if the noise is in your head with no ending time?

This week I have had some thoughts on my mind which were so constant, it reminded of that party next door. I also realised that no matter how loud an external disturbance is, we can either walk away or hope for the person causing it to move on. However when it comes to internal disturbances it is not so easy, after all how do you move away from something that moves with you? Still I say it is not so easy but not impossible, there are still choices we need to make when the party going on within our minds becomes a disturbing noise.

I don’t know what will signify day light to you but I found a very solid template in the book of Philippians which for me is a great place to start. It simply states that if you want a beautiful mind then we need to look to see if the image that we focus on is beautiful, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or just simply wow. The challenge however is that, images that keep us awake are usually not any of these beautiful adjectives, how then do we get back to that template? Sometimes we need to work extra hard to find that famous silver lining in that very thick clouds. There are other times too that we need time to process whatever is causing that disturbance in our minds and it might even involve getting help to process it.

This week I have learnt that if we just accept that disturbing thought, and just concentrate on it without bringing any order to it, we will make ourselves ill because where the mind goes the man/woman follows. So for me, a beautiful mind doesn’t necessarily mean I will have no disturbing thought rather it means, I will choose to work through it to bring some order to these thoughts.
After all how many people can have a 24 hour rave everyday without ever getting tired?

That is why I personally don’t appreciate very gruesome abusive depressive videos even if it carries a motivational message. I will rather watch beautiful asset based moving videos even if it is asking for support, because when you can see that something is working, it is easier to join in.

I do not write this naively or arrogantly, I know that due to mental ill health, some folks do need extra support to work through stuff. I also know from my own experience that some of us choose to dwell on some negative words, images, conversations to our own detriment, we choose to keep minor issues that rob us of space to receive some major ideas. This I believe is when we can choose to dwell on whatsoever things that are lovely, pure and of good report.
Things that will make us go ‘wow’ in a very beautiful way.

For your consideration


Author: simplygyaps

Iam a child of God, a wife of 1 man, mum to 4 kids, a go to person, love building relationships. I believe in inside out kind of leaving, what goes on on the inside will eventually show up on the outside.

12 thoughts on “Beautiful mind”

  1. Thanks. I especially love the part about not holding on to minor issues that rob our minds of the space to receive major ideas! Help us God to only focus on what comes from you and silence the distractions.

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