Centre stage

Centre stage
This weekend I watched a bit of the X- factor and then also there was the match between Stoke and Manchester United ☺️. In both scenarios there were people living their dreams and then others watching them do so.

I am not criticising watching some tv, I do so myself, I remember when the 24 series was on, I was consumed by the characters, my friends and I watched and after discussed it, predicted what was coming and got so caught up in the drama that we forgot that it was someone else living their dream. A writer a producer and some actors somewhere were living the dream and we were helping them to do just that,and that’s ok so long as we also pursue our dreams at some point.
I heard someone say this, that there are three groups of people: one group makes things happen, another group watch things happen and the third group just wonder what just happened?  😀Every time that I watch any talent show or enjoy a good movie, I ask myself this: is there something that I am born to do so well as to take the centre stage? Of course we can be equally effective behind the scenes but when you become the best at your craft, you don’t need the stage to be the centre of admiration.  It is said that champions are not made on a stage, they are simply outdoored, admiration  and the stage will find you even in the ends of the world.
There are people who love being the centre of attention, there are others who shy away from it and still others who find themselves there just by doing what they love to do. This is just a very short reminder that as you watch X factor or whatever you watch religiously, as you watch your favourite team or your favourite band, know that there is someone or a group of people even, waiting somewhere for you to take up your act.  And it needn’t be something spectacular, it just has to have your personality, potential and passion.


That  business idea is going to give employment, that hidden talent you have is going to inspire a whole generation. As we cheer others on let us also give thought to what our dreams are, so the world can cheer us on.
Centre stage is more than being on a stage or the centre of attention, rather it is about using your talents to serve others. The more you serve the bigger your stage becomes.

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Author: simplygyaps

Iam a child of God, a wife of 1 man, mum to 4 kids, a go to person, love building relationships. I believe in inside out kind of leaving, what goes on on the inside will eventually show up on the outside.

9 thoughts on “Centre stage”

  1. That is good. I can say by this write-up, you have taken the centre stage. I’m inspired by this to be that person I’m delaying to be. Thank you for firing me up.

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  2. Wooooowwww, I always read your articles and all I’m able to say is wooooooww. How u perceive and translates our daily lives into such words of wisdom is out of this world. Keep it going sissy. Indeed “Centre stage is more than being on a stage or the centre of attention, rather it is about using your talents to serve others”. Now this is golden

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