What do u see in the picture above?
I have some floor tiles in my bathroom and sometimes I think I see a picture of a woman with a child, sometimes the same spot gives the impression of a man with a briefcase. Even though these are all illusions, they amuse me for a few seconds and I realise how real they sometimes look to me.  As with all illusions though, they never become a reality and the images seem to keep changing.
What is interesting though is that all these images must come from somewhere within my own imaginations. So when I go away from my bathroom those illusions are no longer there, I walk away with my imaginations as they are within me.
Coincidentally I watched the emoji movie with  my kids yesterday and there is one little emoji who could do more expressions than it has been labelled to do.  And as society usually do, anything out of their definition is seen as unusual and not normal, this little emoji was seen as a malfunction and was chased out to be deleted. The story continues with the little guy traveling the ends of the phone world wanting to be reprogrammed to be corrected into an expressionless emoji.😒Meh
It was only when he came to the end of his journey that he realised he quite like being different and that all those expression were  within him and he didn’t need any extra programming.
It made me wonder what we will be able to achieve if we dare to look deep inside us and use our imaginations to the best of our ability. If we dare to be a little bit more adventurers with our talents and abilities.
Of course to even dare to go there we must be prepared to be seen as different, weird, not normal as defined by the soceity which is not always the easiest choice to make.
Illusions can never change to something real but for me it gives me an insight of the potential that we carry inside of us. What we think we see in our minds can be so powerful, it is almost as if we start seeing those images in reality.
There was a story I heard that was quite sad, legend have it there was once a man who bought a house in an area that had gold on the land, every morning he will go out in search of gold but never once looked close to his home. He died poor and alone, his house was sold and yeah you guessed the new owner found gold all around the house. The moral of the story being that we have to start looking from within us for the Lord placed treasure within us.

No wonder we believe in an inside out kind of living, as we keep working on our inside who knows what kind of treasure will eventually show on the outside?

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Author: simplygyaps

Iam a child of God, a wife of 1 man, mum to 4 kids, a go to person, love building relationships. I believe in inside out kind of leaving, what goes on on the inside will eventually show up on the outside.

3 thoughts on “Illusions”

  1. Great food for thought, Gyaps! Illusions…how I wish the beautoful ones were real sometimes. Yet what God has prepared for us and placed inside of us is even better! Lord help us live out the dreams you placed in us!

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