Oh how frustrating it is when I can only see what is under my nose. My mind’s eye seems to be out of commission lately.
I can’t seem to find the brush to paint the future.

I do not want to subscribe to the notion of seeing is believing, this is too limiting. I want to go back to believing is seeing, I need my eyes not to be so widely shut. If all I see is what is infront of me oh how very unfortunate.

Although I am not advocating to be a far I see person , I would love to have a balance between the now and the morrow.
oh how I long to be back to my days of dreaming, the days of daring to believe the impossible.
I wonder if my reality is blocking my ability to see that which is not visible?

Some folks are happy to operate with what they see but some of us get our energy from what could be possible. The plot, the plan , the mess, the starting over, all adding to the journey of discovery.
If I were to stay in the now, may it be in how I celebrate people, how I enjoy my family, how I appreciate friendships and how I stay thankful for the little things.

May I not write people off based on what I see, May I not consume my seed based on what I face today, for though tomorrow may never come yesterday is definitely gone.
I have tried it and happy to say I would like to have my eyes not so widely shut to possibilities.
For your consideration

Author: simplygyaps

Iam a child of God, a wife of 1 man, mum to 4 kids, a go to person, love building relationships. I believe in inside out kind of living, what goes on on the inside will eventually show up on the outside.

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