Whichever way you are crossing over, we wanted to wish you a great evening and an expectant 2018.

we thank you for your readership and your encouragement.

your support has made all the difference.

crossing over for you might mean starting all over again but it might also mean you are preaparing to move to the next level.

Which ever say it is for you, we wish you well and let’s have a great 2018

from all of us at insideout

happy new year



Giving to give

Giving to give
A mothers love to her daughter is unconditional, she gives to her without coercion, well usually ☺️
This is the season of giving, so it is only right for us to tackle the subject inside out style 😄. I have seen all sorts of giving, those given out of love and those giving out of obligation. As I watch people rush to buy and receive gifts they probably will never use, from  people they don’t usually get along with, I asked my self the question , why?
Don’t get me wrong I love receiving gifts and giving as well but now I start to examine my intentions more closely, it doesn’t seem so noble sometimes.
I wonder if we sometimes give to receive? Calculating and targeting who to give to receive back? After all it can be quite annoying to keep giving to people who never seem to bother, this could be with our time, our attention or even in presents. There are some who seem to be professional takers, always checking to see what will benefit them.
In all the busyness  and overspending, there are a group of people who are simply giving to give, they are not expecting anything back. They are giving their time and resources to the less privileged in society, if there be any reward, it is deeply inherent satisfaction. By virtue of my work I see these people all the time, dropping in to give to people their resources, thier skill and their time.
The most precious gift I have seen though is in giving people your full attention, not to quickly offer our opinion but simply to listen. This all though seemingly a simple thing,  is not that easy to do, as we work through responses when listening.
The challenge is to find someone this season to completely give without any strings attached, let’s give our time, our attention and if possible our presents to a person or people that may not even give us a thank you back. Chances are we will get a thank u but let’s not expect it from this one person or people, let us aim to give just to give.
For your consideration

Inside out

Inside out
I desired to speak but I needed the discipline to listen
I desired to lead but needed the discipline to follow
My desire was to teach but needed the discipline to learn

I desired a bigger house but needed the discipline to keep a home
I desired a promotion but needed the discipline of integrity
My desire was to have authority but needed the discipline of service

I loved the idea of being teachable but needed the discipline of application
I loved to say yes to chores but needed the discipline of commitment
My love was to meet people but needed the discipline of keeping relationships

I desired  to have company but needed to manage my solitude
I wanted more but needed the discipline of gratitude
I desired to be joined but needed to find myself

Then I realised all my desires are external but my needs are internal
I needed to manage my standing and my walk before I can perfect my jump. My biggest desire is to be a disciple, a very noble thing, I just need the act of being disciplined . After all there is a disciple in the disciplined.

For your consideration



A turn too soon

A turn too soon
Everyday doing the school run, we take a particular turn to join the main road, but on this particular day, there was a big truck that seemed to be in our way.
Being good parents😬 we made the decision to take a turn earlier than we would normally, you see we thought waiting for 2 mins could delay our journey and unfamiliar turn could probably take us there quicker.
Well if you haven’t guessed already, our journey became longer due to a 2 minute wait we tried to avoid. In fact we eventually had to turn around and get back to the first point of intersection which was clear at this point.

This made me wonder how many times in life l have taken one turn too soon? You see sometimes the only way to advance is to tackle your obstacle head on, if I had waited for a couple of mins, that truck would have moved. When we try to go around our challenges, it  is most likely we will repeat that stage of our life in one way or the other.

I also wondered how many times I have made a decision too soon, if I have quit a race just seconds too soon or pushed for a stage too soon?
As part of the season of discipline, we here at inside out have decided to firstly seek wisdom and clarity about which way to go, secondly we need the patience and the discipline to go through the challenges that come our way so help us God. Thirdly if we do take a turn just a tad early, to have the grace and the humility to turn back .

When we insist on carrying on when we take the wrong turn, We might just elongate our journey time or end up at the place of no through  road in which case we will have to turn back to square one.

Whatever journey you are on, we want to encourage you not to quit too soon or take some major turns sooner than you are ready.
For your consideration


Dear Mama

Dear Mama
I can’t believe it has been a year since we last sat down to eat, share love and enjoy each other’s company. It has been a year since we all gathered to celebrate you as a mother and a grandmama. As I reflect on your birthday and your life, I can’t help but share a few of my favourite traits of you.
You see, growing up you didn’t fit the worlds definition of strength, you were far too kind, too forgiving, you gave the little you have easily, you cried easily and were humble to a fault. In fact some ignorant folks actually thought you were weak, you didn’t hold grudges and were so softly spoken, how could that be seen as strength?

Well fast forward a few decades, having had children of my own, having experienced life a little bit, and my definition of a strong person has completely changed. I now know that loudness doesn’t equate authority, shouty people are not necessary confident. The haughty may just be covering up inner insecurities and rudeness may be a sign of inner turmoil.

Your strength is in your ability to cry when you are overjoyed but also when you are sad, your humility is a sign of your gratitude to your maker, you are kind because of the security you have in God. All the things that may be seen as weaknesses are the very things that make you strong.
No wonder you are still full of beauty and vitality at this age, you have sown many seeds and we pray, the Lord graces you with many more years to enjoy the fruit of your labour.
As we celebrate you this year, it is our prayer that you continue to be quick on your knees🙏 and carry on keeping your heart pure.
Happy birthday Mama, happy birthday grand Mama, 3 cheers to you.

The time of my life

Today as the clock moves back I reflect on time and our interpretation of it.
This year at our work conference the coach said something really important, he said next to God the other thing which is very constant is time. It has 24 hours in a day but we always seem to be surprised at the time when it is just doing what it is created to do? We say things like: is that the time? where did the time go? I don’t have any time for that and so on.
In England, the clock changes twice a year but even this inconsistency is also constant. However every year whether it moves forward or backwards we blame our lateness or earliness on this change.
Today as I watched clock go back, my thoughts are on my own consistency or lack of it.  I realise that my progress is not in the big moves but in the consistency of the little things.  Consistent  small savings works better for me than one time massive deposit, 5 mins constant quiet time is better  for my growth than an hour every few years, time is constantly moving and so must I.
I also reflect on the personal perspective of time, one day we were preparing to travel and I looked at the clock and went our dear this time seems to be flying, my son who was too excited to get on the plane went our dear how slow is the time going? Same clock we both looked at but from such different perspective, time was constant, it wasn’t going any slower or any faster. Our use of time rather determines how we experience its pace.

I don’t know what time means to you right now in your life but I hope the constant ticking of the clock will bring you some assurance or maybe just a reminder that you carry an assignment which is time bound.

for your consideration