Do you want to get well?

Do you want to get well

If you are familiar with the bible then it is most likely you recognise this phrase, let me bring it home, so a man goes to a healing place to get better but after 38 years in his condition, the top physician comes in and ask him : do you want to get well? What a strange question to ask a patient who has been in the ward for 38 years? I can only surmise that something in the patient’s attitude has almost become comfortable with his condition.
Well how very similar that sounds in my own life, maybe you might have a story or 2 of your own that might fit in this scenario. There are situations that you find yourself in that is getting you down, maybe an unhealthy relationship, a job, a lifestyle, an addiction, something that is making you live less than you would prefer. It was not a place you planned to settle but someway somehow you find yourself there even after a long while.
I have genuine reasons or excuses if you like why I am not able to move from that situation. The thing is we talk about it , we complain about it, we blame others for it but something in our actions is not urgent enough for us to pursue a change in the situation.
Well in driving we are taught that roundabouts are made for smooth traffic flow, you take your exit when you get to it, oh how strange it would look if you kept driving round all day ? They will call the police on you, even if you make a mistake with your exit, you go round and then take the right exit. I think our lives are like that, we need to work out the right exit and then take it. In working it out, we need the support of others, we need time and resources. We need to work on our potential to get to the product.

Whatever situation we are currently working on, we need to ask that important question: do we want to get well?

For your consideration



Unopened mail

Unopened mail
Yesterday I decided to sort out my wardrobe( hard work that was) neeways I found a bag containing some unopened letters( I wonder why). Most of them were rubbish but I found a couple that contained some Offers and another that was a Christmas appeal for a family that really touched me. You see , I missed out on the offers and the chance to help because I never opened those letters.
This made me think of the implication of that in life, that dream that has been pushed so far away that you barely recognise it.
A friend of mine told me she bought some trousers for her son, she was being very organised and put them away for when it was needed. The trousers were so well hidden that by the time she got them out , her son said he couldn’t wear them as they were no longer in style. (Relevant)
The talent and giftings that you have stopped exploring could have helped someone in your circles. Well my offers only expired , but can you imagine waiting so long that your dreams are no longer Relevant.?
If only I had opened those letters, yes most of them would still have gone in the bin but in that pile was something for me to use and someone I could have potentially helped.
I made a decision yesterday not to put my dreams so far out of sight that I miss the sell by date.
Even in waiting and preparation times, I should find a visible place for my dreams,it might never be developed but then it might become the next big idea, I will never know if I never open that mail.
For your consideration

I’ll take that as a Yes


Have you met anybody that completely ignores a no response and somehow interprets it as a yes or a maybe ? They are stubbornly annoyingly selective in their hearing. They apply for that job 10 times? Try that business idea 50 times? They have had a lot of knocks but still find a way to get up. I admire them and sometimes irritated by them and other times wonder about them. I have met some of these guys who have stories that make me smile. Sometimes the no is verbal other times it is in the attitude of those who have some power, other times it is in the way the system runs.

I can’t imagine how they must have felt after the first few negative responses, I know I don’t take rejection very well. I don’t mean they become desperate or rude but there is something in their attitude, it’s in the eye it’s in the shoulders , it is in their stride which says I heard that you said no but I will take that as  a Yes. .
They take the pieces of brick thrown at them and add it to their building site. If you remove the book from them , they use the words engraved in their heart. They are defiant, they are determined, they are resilient, they are dreamers and most importantly they are believers.
There is one thing I have learnt from them: no is definitely not always the final answer.

To all you my friends and family out there who keep going, I say we see you .!


Yesterday I watched the incredibles  with my children( again) and I felt so sorry for mr incredibles who obviously was struggling to fit in” as every normal citizen. He is incredibly gifted but  has been forced to become just like every one else.
It made me think about my life  and society in general, it also made me ask the question , who is defining ‘normal’.? We may  all not be fighting super villains like the incredibles but there is definitely something that is unique to us in our abilities and gifting. we tend to just get on with life as a necessity( rightly so sometimes) but never get to explore our potential.

Sometimes we have to do this  exploration outside of the activity that pays us.
What is sadder than not being able  to achieve your dream is never dreaming at all.
So go on give it a go, I just did.

A warm welcome 

This is the post excerpt.

Welcome to my blog.

Iam  a  wife, mum of 3 kids, an employee, a fan of Christ inside out kinda girl.

Iam on a journey to explore what Iam made of, hopeful all the work that is happening on the inside will start showing on the outside.

My journey at the moment is like a building that has scaffolding all around it, outsiders really don’t know how it looks like untill all the scaffolding is removed.

Building sites are by nature messy and chaotic but all being equal the results is worth the process.

Come with me if you are on a journey yourself.