That seat is taken

That seat is taken
Have you gone to sit down on a chair and suddenly you hear these words ‘ sorry that seat is taken’ clearly there was no one sitting on it otherwise you wouldn’t have made the attempt at all. Sometimes on the trains you actually sit down, either because you didn’t see the reserve sign or you were hoping the person wasn’t coming at all.  Suddenly before you realise there is somebody standing there with some sort of grin/ smile just looking at you with the words ‘ that seat is taken’.
It might just be me but i have come across that many times in life.

That job that you thought was definitely yours, that promotion that you have been preparing for, sometimes it feels like you were just warming the seat for someone to come and occupy. You are not quite sure what happened, did you miss the reserved sign or were you just keeping watch until the right person appeared? I have some very well meaning people in my life and recently when a seat suddenly wasn’t available anymore, there were all sorts of reaction and advice, someone even said you have to kick off. That sounded very tempting, I wanted to throw a big tantrum but upon reflection chose not to go that way. Firstly because it will not be a pretty sight and secondly because I believe there is a seat somewhere with my name on it reserved just for me.

You see where I come from, I have seen people carry their chairs from home to the school just so they can have an education. I have also seen the ones that have made a seat of the concrete floor, a piece of wood,  a brick, anything that has supported their tired legs in order to better themselves.
Do not worry when some opportunities elude you through no fault of yours. Keep trying, keep asking and if for a short time you have to make do with some uncomfortable tools as a chair, then do it with style. What you mustn’t do though is to become so used to the temporary position of insufficiency that you make it your destination. Don’t choose to sit on the floor when there is a chair available  with your name on it , reserved  just for you, don’t get use to being so disappointed that you stop expecting growth / better opportunities.
I am beginning to learn that we are stronger than we think and it is only in these circumstance that we catch a a glimpse of what is on the inside of us. If all opportunities are removed then me may have to create our own. After all, there are people are sitting in comfy chair but still have a bad back.
If that relationship hasn’t worked, cry, laugh scream , throw , do whatever you need to do to express your disappointment but let it be temporary, in a little bit dry your tears, square your shoulders, lift your head high and ask ‘ is this seat taken?’
For your consideration


A warm welcome 

This is the post excerpt.

Welcome to my blog.

Iam  a  wife, mum of 3 kids, an employee, a fan of Christ inside out kinda girl.

Iam on a journey to explore what Iam made of, hopeful all the work that is happening on the inside will start showing on the outside.

My journey at the moment is like a building that has scaffolding all around it, outsiders really don’t know how it looks like untill all the scaffolding is removed.

Building sites are by nature messy and chaotic but all being equal the results is worth the process.

Come with me if you are on a journey yourself.



Designer Labels 

Designer labels
The other week my friend was sharing with us how someone innocently asked why she has another persons name on her very nice purse. You see my friend was very proud of her designer labelled purse she had received for Christmas and she was happily  showing it off, this girl was wondering why it has someone else’s ( the designer) name on it? Of course we all laughed at the naivety of that question but it made me wonder why we so proudly carry or wear items with other people’s  names on?

Designer labels are desirable to some of us, most of them are usually out of our price range but we still admire them and of course the more distinguished the designer, the higher the price tag. These are usually people well known in their field and has gotten through a lot of  hard work and a period of exposure.

My little sister recently started exploring her love for cameras and photography, she now has her own name on the photos she takes, it just encourages me to dream that maybe there is something just waiting to have my name on it.
It reminds me of a verse in the bible which says ‘a mans gift will open doors for him. I believe that if we are willing to explore our area of love, abilities and talents, there are opportunities to grow. Then it is only a matter of time before we have our own names on a song, a book, a charity, a church , a home, some food, whatever we have been blessed with.

This new year as we go about our business may we take time out some time to ask the question ‘what is it that is waiting to have my name on?  Of course  not all of us will become labels on handbags or clothing but we can all do our little bit to make impact in our families and communities.

This is our question for you this year, has it got your name on it? We may be pursuing things that has someone else’s name on it and leaving our own labels lying fallow, so before you go any further ask yourself if it has your name on it.
For your consideration


Whichever way you are crossing over, we wanted to wish you a great evening and an expectant 2018.

we thank you for your readership and your encouragement.

your support has made all the difference.

crossing over for you might mean starting all over again but it might also mean you are preaparing to move to the next level.

Which ever say it is for you, we wish you well and let’s have a great 2018

from all of us at insideout

happy new year


Giving to give

Giving to give
A mothers love to her daughter is unconditional, she gives to her without coercion, well usually ☺️
This is the season of giving, so it is only right for us to tackle the subject inside out style 😄. I have seen all sorts of giving, those given out of love and those giving out of obligation. As I watch people rush to buy and receive gifts they probably will never use, from  people they don’t usually get along with, I asked my self the question , why?
Don’t get me wrong I love receiving gifts and giving as well but now I start to examine my intentions more closely, it doesn’t seem so noble sometimes.
I wonder if we sometimes give to receive? Calculating and targeting who to give to receive back? After all it can be quite annoying to keep giving to people who never seem to bother, this could be with our time, our attention or even in presents. There are some who seem to be professional takers, always checking to see what will benefit them.
In all the busyness  and overspending, there are a group of people who are simply giving to give, they are not expecting anything back. They are giving their time and resources to the less privileged in society, if there be any reward, it is deeply inherent satisfaction. By virtue of my work I see these people all the time, dropping in to give to people their resources, thier skill and their time.
The most precious gift I have seen though is in giving people your full attention, not to quickly offer our opinion but simply to listen. This all though seemingly a simple thing,  is not that easy to do, as we work through responses when listening.
The challenge is to find someone this season to completely give without any strings attached, let’s give our time, our attention and if possible our presents to a person or people that may not even give us a thank you back. Chances are we will get a thank u but let’s not expect it from this one person or people, let us aim to give just to give.
For your consideration

Inside out

Inside out
I desired to speak but I needed the discipline to listen
I desired to lead but needed the discipline to follow
My desire was to teach but needed the discipline to learn

I desired a bigger house but needed the discipline to keep a home
I desired a promotion but needed the discipline of integrity
My desire was to have authority but needed the discipline of service

I loved the idea of being teachable but needed the discipline of application
I loved to say yes to chores but needed the discipline of commitment
My love was to meet people but needed the discipline of keeping relationships

I desired  to have company but needed to manage my solitude
I wanted more but needed the discipline of gratitude
I desired to be joined but needed to find myself

Then I realised all my desires are external but my needs are internal
I needed to manage my standing and my walk before I can perfect my jump. My biggest desire is to be a disciple, a very noble thing, I just need the act of being disciplined . After all there is a disciple in the disciplined.

For your consideration



A turn too soon

A turn too soon
Everyday doing the school run, we take a particular turn to join the main road, but on this particular day, there was a big truck that seemed to be in our way.
Being good parents😬 we made the decision to take a turn earlier than we would normally, you see we thought waiting for 2 mins could delay our journey and unfamiliar turn could probably take us there quicker.
Well if you haven’t guessed already, our journey became longer due to a 2 minute wait we tried to avoid. In fact we eventually had to turn around and get back to the first point of intersection which was clear at this point.

This made me wonder how many times in life l have taken one turn too soon? You see sometimes the only way to advance is to tackle your obstacle head on, if I had waited for a couple of mins, that truck would have moved. When we try to go around our challenges, it  is most likely we will repeat that stage of our life in one way or the other.

I also wondered how many times I have made a decision too soon, if I have quit a race just seconds too soon or pushed for a stage too soon?
As part of the season of discipline, we here at inside out have decided to firstly seek wisdom and clarity about which way to go, secondly we need the patience and the discipline to go through the challenges that come our way so help us God. Thirdly if we do take a turn just a tad early, to have the grace and the humility to turn back .

When we insist on carrying on when we take the wrong turn, We might just elongate our journey time or end up at the place of no through  road in which case we will have to turn back to square one.

Whatever journey you are on, we want to encourage you not to quit too soon or take some major turns sooner than you are ready.
For your consideration